Friday, January 1, 2010

ECAREA 2010 Progams

February 1---1:30 p.m. John & Alice Ridge “Yellowstone Trail” Grace Lutheran Church Hall

March 1---1:30 p.m. Joe Knight EC Leader outdoor writer Grace Lutheran Church Hall

April 10---10:00 a.m. Brunch Jim Alf “Caryville Ferry” Lake Street Methodist Church

May 3---1:30 p.m. Globe University “Introduction and Tour” At the Globe University Site

June 7 Noon Lunch Meeting with Chippewa Falls Unit at the Bohemian Hall, north of Chippewa
***REMEMBER: If the Eau Claire Area Schools are closed due to weather, we will not have our scheduled meeting unless it is a luncheon or brunch. We will still have to pay for the meals so we will meet for them. Reservations necessary for brunches and lunches.

Yellowstone Trail Program for February 1st Meeting

The Yellowstone trail was the first transcontinental auto highway “from Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound” 1912-1930 and it went right through Eau Claire. Join Alice and John Ridge to enjoy the days of the Ford Model T when there were only named roads, muddy and with no numbers. We will get a little history lesson about this national treasure with lots of pictures and fun on the way. Expect to receive a free Guide to driving the Yellowstone Trail in Wisconsin. By Alice Ridge

Joe Knight, Leader-Telegram Outdoor Writer Speaks at March 1st meeting

The book, Frozen Assets: Reflections on Winter in Northern Wisconsin, was written by Joe Knight. He is a writer for the Leader-Telegram in Eau Claire and will discuss about his job and read excerpts from his book. Join us in March and learn about the “frozen assets” we have in this area and better understand his work at the Leader-Telegram.

Caps, Coupons, Cartridges, Labels, and Strips for Education

Please remember to save you Milk Bottle Caps, Campbell Labels (need to )Milk Moola Strips, and General Mills coupons for Education. Also, we can turn in used computer cartridges for cash for a school. These are collected, counted and turned in by May meeting. By Cherry Larson.

Legislative News

All WREA members should have received the WREA News on or about December 21st. Of particular interest is the letter on page 4 and 5 from Dave Mills, retired Executive Director of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB).

The letter raises the possibility of the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) being taken over by a “rescue plan” sometime in the future. He warns that members must be vigilant in opposing any legislation that threatens the plan, explaining that thwarting legislation is much better than pursuing court action to argue the unconstitutionality of a duly enacted law.

WREA is fortunate to have M. Mills as a member who has much needed expertise in retirement plans. By Joan Cook, Legislative Chair

Membership Report

ECAREA membership is 124 strong, with eleven being local only members and two emeritus members. This is good but we could be better. Our membership is missing many of our newly retired teachers. I recently mailed out seventeen “We Missed You” postcards to our 2008 retired teachers. Our 2009 retired group has a one year free local membership and we wish we could see more of them at our meetings. If you know of any of our recently retired teachers please bring them along to a meeting or give them a call to join us.

A list of our 2009-2010 membership was available at our December luncheon. If you were not able to attend the luncheon it will be setting out at our next meeting in February. Hope your winter months find you healthy and happy.

By Kathy Morley, Chairperson
Social Committee Reports

February 1st and March 1st are two regular meetings (1:30 p.m.) scheduled at Grace Lutheran. Carol and I would like to thank our servers ahead of time: Mary Genz (Chairperson), Fae James and Marlaine White for February and Ruth Bremmer (Chairperson), Richard Kozbial and Bill Benson for March.

** Reservations for the April 5th brunch (10:00a.m.) at Lake St. Methodist should be called or emailed by Thursday, April 1st, by 7 p.m. Cost - $10.00

**The May 3rd regular meeting (1:30p.m.) will be held at Globe University. The staff at Globe University will serve us coffee.

**Reservations for the June 7th picnic luncheon (12 Noon) need to be emailed or called by Monday, May 31st. It will be held by the Chippewa Area Retired Educator’s Unit be at the Bohemain Hall north of Cadott on Hwy. 27. The cost will be $10.00.

Contact Loreen Yager at 836-7801 or for reservations or cancellation.

**If you signed up for a brunch or luncheon, but unable to attend, you need to pay for it unless you cancel by the reservation date.

By Loreen Yager and Carol Friday, Chairpersons