Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eau Claire Area Retired Educators

ECAREA Unit Meeting
DeLong Middle School
November 7, 2011
1:30 p.m.

The meeting began with Chris welcoming everyone and leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Visitors and first time attendees were introduced. 31 people were in attendance.

Business Meeting

A. Minutes: The minutes from the November 7th Unit meeting were approved and will be recorded as submitted by Sally.

B. Treasurer: Owen reported that as of today we have a balance of $1600.29 in the checking account and $1656.37 in the savings account.

C. Committee Reports:

Social: Loreen reminded everyone of the Holiday Luncheon at the Florian Gardens on December 5th. The price of the luncheon is $20.00 and the last day for reservations/cancellations is November 30th. She announced the serving group for next month’s meeting.

Membership: Kathy was absent so Chris thanked those who joined ECAREA today and encouraged everyone to join the State WREA

Legislative: Joan encouraged everyone to help friends/family who do not have a valid ID to get one. She announced that the recall efforts for Gov. Walker will begin on November 15th. She reminded everyone to follow the specific directions when signing so that their signatures will not be discarded. Sign in the proper district and sign only once. She told everyone to look at the WREA website for legislative issues coming up in Wisconsin.

Past President: Cathy had no news to share.

Health and Education: Marlaine showed the metal sculpture she won at the District III meeting in Stanley.

President: Chris asked that members bring a game or a donation for games to the December meeting. She also asked for volunteer hour totals from anyone who volunteers in the community. She reported that these hours are sent into the State, and proceeded to share the check facsimile that we were presented at the District Meeting for $130,961.81 representing the value of last year’s hours. Chris also announced that Loreen Yaeger was selected as the Volunteer of the Year last year.

Newsletter: Jeanette said that our next issue of the newsletter will arrive in January.

Website: Had no news to share.

Bottle caps/labels: Carol asked that members continue to bring in bottle caps/labels etc.

D. Old Business

1. Due to a shortness of time the report from the District III meeting was tabled.

E. New Business

1. Chris announced that Jane Elmer is planning on attending our Holiday Luncheon on December 5th.

The business meeting was adjourned for the program.

G. Program: Kathy Bareis and several of her students presented the Prime Products elective art program that was awarded the $2000.00 Challenge Award grant for 2010 from the WREA Foundation.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sally Gordon, Secretary.