Wednesday, October 9, 2013

     ECAREA      Eau Claire Area Retired Educators
ECAREA Unit Meeting
First Baptist Church
October 7, 2013
10:00 a.m.

The meeting began with Chris welcoming everyone and asking first time attendees to introduce themselves.  34 people were in attendance. 

Business Meeting

A. Minutes:  The minutes from the August Unit meeting were approved and will be recorded as submitted by Sally.

B.  Treasurer: Judy reported that as of today we have a balance of $1281.26 in the checking account and $1656.59 in the savings account. 

C. Committee Reports:

Social: Loreen thanked the servers for the excellent brunch we had today.  She then announced that our November meeting will be at our new location at Chapel Heights.      

Membership:  Ruth thanked the previous members for joining us again this year and welcomed the three new members attending today’s meeting.  She shared that our membership is now at 71.  She asked that anyone aware of present/past members living in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or who have deceased to please inform her or a member of the Board. 

Legislative:  Owen began by inviting anyone who might be interested in legislative issues to join him on this committee.  He welcomed the new members and encouraged them to bring a friend to future meetings.  Owen then handed out a copy of his report to all members and shared that there are currently no Legislative Alerts.  He reported that the Legislative page on the WREA website is currently “under construction.”  The topics Owen addressed at today’s meeting were the performance of the Wisconsin Retirement System, the latest information of school vouchers, and study by the Legislative Committee of the new school standards. 

Past President:  Cathy had no new information to share.

Health:  Marlaine passed around a book written by George Burns that had a comical flair and shared the 10 exercises he promoted.    

Education:  Carla read parts of a letter from the Eau Claire Leader Voice of the People, written by past State Superintendent Burt Grover addressing the issue of the large number of experienced teachers who are retiring or leaving the profession.  She also showed a report card of the districts within the State and told the members that they could find it on  Carla addressed research findings in regards to children who are reading before entering 4K and 5K programs.  It indicates that they level out with other students around 3rd grade and that some students will even regress. She also reported on changes in 1st grade reading instruction.  Carla voiced how important it is for us to continue to support our teachers during this time when they are being attacked.     

President:  Chris promoted the Chippewa Valley Book Festival that will be running October 14-20 and handed out programs to anyone interested in attending.

Newsletter: Jeanette had nothing new to share.

Website:  Cheryl affirmed that the minutes from past meetings can be found on the website. 

Bottle caps/labels: Carol encouraged members to keep saving labels and bottle caps, etc. and bring them to meetings.

D.  Old Business
            1.  Chris shared that she and Judy Fadness will represent ECAREA at the President/Vice President meeting on October 29.           

E.  New Business

            1. Chris asked if there was anyone interested in keeping a look-out for educational opportunities in the community and then bringing/sharing that information with our members at our Unit meetings. 

F.  Raffle

Kathy conducted the drawing and reminded members that half of the money goes to the WREA Foundation to provide for scholarships and grants.
The business meeting was adjourned for the program.

G.  Program
            Carol Suberta, the District 3 Representative was the speaker today.  We played a game with questions about the WREA and she encouraged all members to look at and take advantage of the member benefits that are offered by a number of different business/organizations.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sally Gordon, Secretary.