Friday, December 6, 2013

     ECAREA      Eau Claire Area Retired Educators
ECAREA Unit Meeting
Florian Gardens
December 2, 2013
12:00 p.m.

The meeting began with Chris welcoming everyone and leading us in the table prayer.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner before the short business meeting was held. 

Business Meeting

A.  First time attendees and new members were welcomed and asked to introduce themselves.

B.  Treasurer: Judy reported that as of today we have a balance of $1636.27 in the checking account and $1656.61 in the savings account. 

C. Committee Reports:

Social:  Loreen thanked Florian Gardens for the delicious meal and announced that our next meeting will be in February at Chapel Heights.   

Membership:  Ruth welcomed new members and asked that they encourage other retirees to join us at future meetings.

Legislative:  Owen reported that there are no legislative alerts at this time.  He mentioned the governor’s intent to hold a special session in December in relation to Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act whereby our legislature and the governor have refused to accept increased Medicaid funding through the ACA, and several other recent legislative proposed amendments that we might be interested in following.  He ended with a hopeful message about a possible increase in our pensions due to the rise in stock market performances.

Past President:  Cathy was absent.

Health:  Marlaine had nothing to share.

Education:  Carla was absent.  

Newsletter:  Jeanette reminded committee members that articles are due to her by January 15th for the newsletter.

Website:  Cheryl was absent.

Bottle caps/labels:  Carol informed members that some of the box tops we collect have expiration dates on them, so we should bring them to our meetings in a timely manner.  She also announced that we collected $150.00 at today’s meeting for recess games along with the ones brought in on the back table.  She shared that the games will go to Robbins School and also some to Mondovi schools.

D.  Old Business
            1.  Chris shared that our March meeting will be held at DeLong Middle School and Amy Traynor will speak on her experience of being voted Teacher of the Year in 2012.

            2.  Chris reminded everyone to send her a listing of their volunteer hours.  She shared her email address and referred them to an email they had received from Cathy Hoffman.  These hours will be submitted to the State the end of December.      

E.  New Business

            There was no new business at today’s meeting.
The business meeting was adjourned for the program.

G.  Program

            Kathy Burkey introduced the cello quartet that played a medley of beautiful Christmas music.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sally Gordon, Secretary.