Sunday, April 20, 2014


APRIL 7, 2014


Chris welcomed everyone, invited any first time attendees to introduce themselves and led us in a table prayer before we enjoyed the brunch.

A. The minutes from the March Unit meeting were approved as submitted by Sally.

B. Treasurer's Report:  Judy reported that we have $1301.65 in the checking account and $1656.65 in the savings account.

C. Committee Reports:

·         Social – Loreen thanked the servers for today’s brunch and reminded members of the luncheon on May 19th at UW-EC in the Delaney Room at the Davis Center.  Reservations need to be made/cancelled by Wednesday, May 14th.  Loreen provided parking passes for that day and said passes would also be available in the lot on the day of the meeting.  Chris advised people who are carpooling to have the driver drop off the riders at Davis Center and then park at the designated lot west of the Fine Arts building. There will be people shuttling members from that lot to the Davis Center.

·         Membership –Ruth asked if people were aware of any members who now resided in a nursing home to let her know so they could be placed on an emeritus member list.

·         Legislative –Owen thanked Carla and Chris for keeping members informed of legislative issues while he was in Florida over the winter.  He reported that he checked for Legislative Alerts from WREA and there were none at this time.  He shared the ETF core fund is up 4.7% and the variable fund is up 25%.  Our May statements should reflect those increases.

·         Health – Marlaine encouraged everyone to keep exercising.

·         Education –Carla had detailed reports for members to pick up at the table from March and April. Her April report informed members that the Common Core Standards have become buried in committee due to lack of support.  She also shared information about the struggles faced by rural districts and the possibility of changing how State aid is provided, hoping to promote an equal education for all Wisconsin children. Her final issue dealt with school accountability whereby all publicly funded schools, including public schools, charter schools and voucher schools being graded on a 1-100 point scale.  


·         Newsletter/Phone Tree—Jeanette had nothing new to share.

·         Past President – Cathy had nothing new to share.

·         President-Chris shared information about Project 13 where people are voluntarily giving back the $13 they received from State taxes to the Eau Claire School District.  The checks will be presented to the School Board atnext Monday night’s meeting.  She also announced that there will be a meeting at CVTC on April 10th at 7:00 p.m. which is  addressing the State of Education in Wisconsin. There will be State legislators and school administrators presenting.  This meeting is free.

·         Website – Cheryl encouraged member to go to the website.

·         Box tops/Labels – Carol announced that she collected many box tops and moola strips today.  She encouraged members to be timely in bringing these items to meetings as they do expire.

D. Old Business:  There was no old business.                                                                                                                           

E. New Business

·         Chris announced the District III Regional Meeting to be held May 6th at Stratford.  She asked that anyone interested in attending to let her know.  We would like to send two or three delegates to the meeting that would come back and share what they learned.

·         8 member in attendance who are 80 years or older and have been active members for 15 years were honored with a certificate.  Several other members not attending today’s meeting had their names read off and will receive their certificates by personal delivery or in the mail.

F. The business meeting was adjourned and the raffle ticket was drawn.

G. Chris introduced Betty Cowley who spoke to us today about the 38 Prisoner of War   Camps in Wisconsin during WWII.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Sally Gordon, secretary.