Saturday, October 31, 2015

Below is a reminder notice in regards to a Nov 2 meeting of the ECAREA. Eau Claire Area Retired Educator's Association  (ECAREA) is a local Retired Educators's group that is connected to Wisconsin Retired Educator's Association (WREA) in Madison. This summer, when emails were going around about contacting your State Legislators about changes to our pensions, the WREA was already actively and directly lobbying on our behalf with success. With all the assaults on Public Education, one wonders what the next proposal will be.

So we really do need a watchdog organization to look out for our interests and the interests of kids in Public Schools. I am not a very active member of the local ECAREA, but I know my dues help keep me informed and combined voices on our behalf is stronger than just one voice in Madison. There also are some discount benefits of being a member. There are brochures that detail those available at meetings. 

This group usually meets on the first Monday of the month. Some other programs coming up include "Music of the Vietnam Era," Children's Dyslexia Center at Masonic Lodge, and local author and retired teacher Jill Lehman talking about her published children's books.

Please consider joining. You can get more information by emailing Cathy Hoffman who originally sent this message.

Monday, November 2, 2015 at 1:30 PM at Chapel Height United Methodist Church - 300 Hamilton Avenue - Eau Claire, WI.