Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Eau Claire Area Retired Educators Association 

The meeting was called to order at 1pm and opened with the pledge. Chris welcomed all. Guest, …, introduced herself.
Judy reported a balance of $2129.77 in the checking account and $1656.83 in the savings account.
Ruth added that we have 76 members. We are all encouraged to bring a friend to the meetings with the “Each one, reach one” slogan for WREA.
Loreen passed around a sign-up sheet for the December lunch at Florian Gardens on Dec. 7. Chris reminded members to bring games or donations for games, as well as volunteer hours to that meeting. We will provide volunteer hour sheets on the tables. Chris added that the reporting of volunteer hours is changing to the spring.
Owen had a Legislative report hand-out.
Marlaine talked about diet and healthy foods for easy digestion. We were reminded to get flu shots.
Carla spoke about educational issues for the state, one being the issue of school district referenda, and of course testing.
Carol reminded members of label and boxtop collections, as well as used print cartridges.
Jeanette introduced our speaker, Cheryl Gullicksrud, former Mondovi superintendent and now a director at CESA 4.
Respectfully submitted for Sally,
Chris Kondrasuk