Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Eau Claire Area Retired Educators Association
February 1, 2016, 1:30PM
Chapel Heights Methodist Church

Past President Cathy Hoffman called the meeting to order in the absence of President Chris Kondrasuk. The pledge was recited. Two new guests introduced themselves.

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.
Treasurer Judy Fadness reported that there is $2366.38 in checking and $1,656.87 in the savings account.

Committee Reports
Legislative: Member Chris Hambuch Boyle reported in the absence of Owen Moyer.  She stated that the legislature starts meeting this week.  One proposal of concern is the limiting of referendums – how often and when they can occur. We can get updates on the WASB website.
Membership: Ruth Hofland reported that we have 90 members.  She had membership lists for those who want one.
Program: Maureen Opper said that our March meeting will be at the Masonic Lodge and the program will be on the Children’s Dyslexia Center.  There is parking available on the south side of the building and there is an elevator located inside the entrance there.
Education: Carla Pfund reported that Senior American Day will be June 7 on the UWEC campus.  Information on that day is available in her article in the ECAREA newsletter.
Health: Marlaine White was not in attendance during committee reports.
Newsletter:  Jeanette Scheuermann said she had a few extra newsletters for anyone who had not received one.
Box tops/Labels: Carol Friday said that we already have over 1,000 contributions for this year and encouraged people to keep saving them.
Old Business
Our unit reported 6,285 volunteer hours for 2015 to WREA. Members were encouraged to continue to keep an account of their hours for this year.
Carol Friday reported that we gave 20 indoor recess games to Longfellow School and $40 to the Mondovi Schools as the result of our Christmas donations.

New Business
Members were encouraged to contribute program ideas for next year. Any suggestions can be given to a Board member.
Darlene Parkinson, WREA District III coordinator, spoke to the group.  She gave a bit of her history and encouraged members to become active in WREA.  She mentioned the District Meeting that will be held May 10 in Black River as an opportunity for members to learn more about WREA.
The meeting was adjourned.
Bob Bloom presented a program on the Music of the Viet Nam Era which very informative and entertaining.