Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Important News for Retired Educators

If you are interested in supporting a "Watchdog" organization regarding our State pensions, you may want to consider membership in Wisconsin Retired Educators and Eau Claire Area Retired Educators Association, which are both under the same umbrella as far as state and local entities. 

Along with membership there are interesting programs, many reduced rates on different services, and continued camaraderie with a variety of area educators. You can get more information by coming to the first meeting at the Chippewa Valley Museum (no entry charge) for an interesting program as listed below. 

Meetings are usually the first Monday of the month with some exceptions. The active Union for ECASD no longer is a strong voice for retirees. This is one of the organizations (WEA has a retiree group in EC, too) that will help fill that role.