Tuesday, October 11, 2016

j0406066[1]     ECAREA      Eau Claire Area Retired Educators
ECAREA Unit Meeting
Chapel Heights
October 3, 2016
10:00 a.m.

The meeting began with Chris welcoming everyone and leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Visitors and first time attendees were introduced.  32 people were in attendance. 

Business Meeting

A. Minutes:  The minutes from the August Unit meeting were approved and will be recorded as submitted by Sally.  Cathy sent copies of the minutes to all members on the ECAREA email list.

B.  Treasurer: Judy reported that as of today we have a balance of $2483.02 in the checking account and $1656.95 in the savings account. 

C. Committee Reports:

Social:  Loreen thanked all of the volunteer servers that signed up to provide treats for us at our Unit meetings.  She announced our November meeting will be at the CVTC West Campus in the agriculture and energy facility.   

Membership:  Ruth thanked everyone for coming today and was happy to welcome new members.  Our membership count as of today is 75.  She encouraged everyone to invite retired friends and colleagues to join us.

Legislative/Education:  Owen shared a detailed report with everyone.  The legislative issues he spoke to were the dates of the remaining Presidential, Vice Presidential, and Senatorial debates. He provided information in regards to early voting in both Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls.  Owen thanked all members who completed the WREA 2016 Legislative Survey.  He also updated members on the WRS performance.  In his Education report he reminded members that ECAREA does not take positions on political issues, however it is not inappropriate for us to take a position on education issues.  Thus he encouraged our members to vote yes in support of the referendums in the upcoming vote that have been made necessary due to the reduction in state aids and cost controls that have led to a budget deficit, lay-offs, increased class sizes, program cuts and a compensation package that is causing good teachers to resign and seek other positions.

Past President:  Cathy introduced herself as the Past President, and the Communications person on the Board.  She asked members to keep her informed as to changes in email addresses, and if you are not getting emails to let her know.

Program:  Maureen clarified that there was a baby in the picture of the bar scene at the museum “I Spy” game last month. Thank you for helping us to remove that from the unsolved mysteries in that little corner of our minds.  

Health:  Chris announced that Nancy Troyan has volunteered to serve at the new Health person on the Board.  Welcome Nancy.

Newsletter:  Jeanette had nothing new to share. 

Bottle caps/labels:  Carol explained to the new members what items we save for schools and thanked everyone who brought items for her today.  She passed around thank you notes from Longfellow and Manz, the schools that received our collections from last year.

E.  New Business

            1. Chris announced that there was no old business and that for new business Nancy Troyan has volunteered to be the new Health person on the Board.  

            2.  Ken Sullivan shared information about the Eau Claire referendum.  He stated that the referendum is for $5.86 million and that it will increase property taxes by $95 per $100,000 home evaluation for the next 15 years.  He invited anyone interested to join him to paint signs encouraging the community to vote in favor at Banbury Place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings this week, and to help with a lit. drop on October 8th.

F.  Raffle

Kathy conducted the drawing and awarded half of the money to one of our members.  The other half goes to the WREA Foundation to provide for scholarships and grants.       

The business meeting was adjourned for the program.

G.  Program
            Maureen introduced Danielle Claesges, the coordinator of the ECASD Homeless Program.  She provided us with invaluable information about the struggles these students face, where/how they receive support throughout the community, and the cuts to her budget she has endured over the past 8 years.  A donation box was sent around to the members present.  Checks can be made out to Public Schools Foundation, with Homeless Program written in the memo space.  !00% of your money will go to this program to help the homeless students in Eau Claire.  If you have further questions or want to help you can contact Danielle the District Office at 500 Main Street E.C. 54701, by phone 715-852-3044, or through email at delaesges@ecasd.us


Minutes respectfully submitted by Sally Gordon, Secretary.