Wednesday, November 9, 2016

ECAREA Unit Meeting 
Mondaya November 7, 2016 
Ag and Energy Center, CVTC West Campus 
The meeting was called to order by President Chris Kondrasuk at 1:30PM. She welcomed all including one guest. 
The Pledge of  Allegiance was recited. 
The minutes of the October unit meeting were accepted. 
The Treasurer’s report was accepted. The unit now has $1,656.96 in savings and $2,735.02 in checking.
Committee Reports Social: Loreen Yager reported that the December meeting will be held at Florian Gardens December.The cost will be $23. 
 Membership: Ruth Hofland reported we now have 78 members. 
 Legislative: Owen mentioned that the president election is November 8. ECAREA is supporting the school referendum question. 
 Health: Nancy Troyan gave information on hidden sugars in many of our everyday foods such as flavored yogurt, peanut butter, granola bars and pasta sauces. Our best defense is to be aware of the dietary labels on our foods when we are buying groceries. 
Boxtops and Labels: These will continue to be collected at our meetings. 

Old Business: none. E. New Business Our new Health Chair, Nancy Troyan, was introduced. Chris spoke of the WREA $2000 challenge grants that will be available to high school programs this year. She encouraged us to make people aware of these grants. 
Our volunteer hours are due in December. We can email our total hours to Cathy Hoffman ( or bring the number to our December meeting. These can be broken down into categories – Community, Education, and Health; or just given as a total. 
One of our community projects occurs in December. We give indoor-appropriate games to an elementary school. Games or donations to be applied to purchasing games may be given at our December luncheon. 
Kathy Berkey and Phyllis Kurtz were thanked for providing our treats. 
The meeting was adjourned at 1:45. 
A tour of the Ag and Energy Campus followed. 
Respectfully submitted by, Cathy Hoffman in the absence of Sally Gordon