Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Maureen is reading: 
The TrespasserT by Tana French  which is a murder mystery, has many twists and turns. One critic says it is . "literary fiction .  . . only literary fiction, supposedly blessed with superior writing, characterizations and intellectual firepower, deserves the respect of serious readers."
Patrick Anderson - Washington Post

               Cheryl is reading: The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, a deep, dark mystery                   that takes place on a small cruise ship on the North Sea. 2. When Lo (the main                     character) first enters the ship, she says, “I had a sudden disorienting image of                     the Aurora as a ship imprisoned in a bottle—tiny, perfect, isolated, and unreal” That              is how I feel as I read it.

                         Cheryl just finished reading Dust by Patricia Cornwell which is, of course, 
                         a murder mystery. Good read, but I do not highly recommend it. Many                                    subplots keep you interested. Kate Scaretta has become very paranoid in 
                         last two novels I read by Cornwell. This may account for several repititions 
                         of parts of the text throughout the book.     

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